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Week 13, Post 1

I looked at several businesses related to what I do on Facebook, but most of them did not actually have Facebook ads. One of them was selling their knowledge to other photographers in the form of an email campaign. Another one sells retreats on Instagram with challenges to do such-and-such for so many days, or an image with just the retreat info in text. I do find a lot of photographers advertising workshops, basically trying to monetize their knowledge.

I think when it comes to social media ads, imagery is a non-negotiable. You're drawn to the image, out of curiosity, nostalgia, amusement or amazement and then the few words that may accompany the image strike you. As noted in our lecture/reading this week, the fewer words the better.

I suppose the main difference between social media advertising and traditional is that social media ads are so demographic-specific, and also, they haunt the consumer. With all the cookies and the algorithms, the ads literally stalk the specific cons…

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