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Week 17

This has been a great semester and this class has been very informative. So far, my use of social media for my business has not changed, but that's because I'm not really ready for it to. I was sitting back and learning and observing. With the close of the semester, it will be time for me to turn my focus away from school and back to work, and time to implement some of what I learned. Therefore I cannot really say right now what the impact of this class will be on my business, but I have a feeling the impact will be fruitful.

 My viewpoint of social media hasn't really changed. I still find it intimidating and annoying, but also useful and entertaining. I do feel like I understand it better now, but I also feel like perhaps I've only just begun to understand it. I did find some services and outlets that I intend to use straightaway.

 Facebook ads have definitely captured my attention. The sheer power and efficiency of being able to target exactly the audience you want…

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